Monday, October 30, 2006

Famous Quote

"Honey, can we swing by Creative Hands on our way home? I just need a needle for a project I am thinking about."

-Me (and possibly knitters everywhere).

I got the needle. I also got 7 hanks of Lorna's Laces "Shepherd Worsted" for an EPS sweater, Kookabura Wool Wash (which, actually I don't count. Everyone needs laundry soap, right?), and the pattern and yarn for the Noni "Garden Party" handbag (green and blue version).

It must have been the delicious feeling of finishing two projects in quick succession: Secret Baby Thing ("SBT") 1, and a watch cap for my brother in Cascade 220 (black, of course. Pattern is the one from The Joy of Knitting). I also did several rounds of the poncho, and a couple rows on the edging of the garter lace shawl. That one, my friends, is slow going.

Having some gauge issues on SBT 2. I had chosen the yarn first, to coordinate with SBT 1 (same maker and fibers, similar colors, different weight), thinking that a pattern I had would make a great SBT 2. It didn't. I couldn't get gauge no matter what I did. I tried some other patterns, and had similar results. The only way I could get it even nearly right was to use needles so tiny that the fabric could have been used for a bullet-proof vest, or needles so big that it could have been a fish net.

So, I am making up my own pattern, based on the gauge I get for the fabric I like. Wish me luck.

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