Friday, April 25, 2008


Still here people. Busy with the new job, lacking internet access at home, until now, etc., etc. As dialup goes, it ain't bad -- I can knit while waiting for my favorite blogs or Ravelry to load. Being a canny knitter, I realized that I could knit while waiting for pages to load. Being a bit of a distracted klutz, I realized that I should probably stick to straight stockinette or garter for such interstitial knitting

But podcasts are an issue.

When itunes told me that it would take 5 hours to download, I realized I would have to schlep the laptop to the library to Bogart their DSL connection once in a while.

Been quilting more than anything else these days. It has been an interesting experience. You get so used to knitting and crocheting and being passably, or even better than passably, good at them, and then you try something new. The swearing starts, the dog hides on the other side of the bed....

My first quilt is full of mistakes. But I am looking forward to the second, and doing it better. And looking forward to the third, and doing it even better. Which is good.

Also, friends, adding quilting to your repertoire adds a whole other category to your stashing!

Next up: a report from the San Jose Museum of Quilting and Textiles. I know. I can't wait either!