Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Fuzzy Valentine, and Other Stories

Knowing of my yarn-fast, DH gave me a gift certificate to Creative Hands for Valentine's Day! It was in an amount that would render any knitter speechless as she contemplated all of the woolly fantasies that she might be able to realize.

What you see before you are:

RYC CashSoft Aran for a couple of Fetchings
Tahki Donegal Tweed Homespun for a Sunrise Circle Jacket (Pattern available at Knitting Daily website; need to sign in or register).
Cascade Sierra for the Wedgewood Blouse (scroll down)
JaggerSpun Zephyr for Scheherazade

These yarny delights are sitting atop my first quilting project (now basted together and awaiting marking and quilting), all fabrics from Anna Griffin's "Dorothy" collection. I am still debating whether to quilt by hand or machine. Probably machine, assuming I can wait until my special presser feet arrive. Impatient as I am, it seems unlikely that I will give up the vigil and quilt by hand.

Since I put in some time on Juno, and finished Whimsey (pic below) on Sunday, I allowed myself to go ahead and cast on a Fetching. It's a great pattern, though cables on DPNs are a bit fiddly. Perhaps because I am knitting on US2 needles in order to get gauge. Yes, US2. Even so -- quick knit and I hope to finish them this week.