Friday, March 07, 2008

I left my snaaaaaaark in San...

Okay, well not all of it.

I got a new job starting March 17, and will no longer be commuting to San Francisco. And therefore, will no longer be taking MUNI from the Caltrain depot to downtown. Consequently, I will no longer have to utter the following on a regular basis:

1. Oh no, you aren't taking up the entire escalator or anything. By all means, stay right where you are.

2. You do remember that some dude got shot at the Metreon for standing on the "walking" side of the escalator, right?

3. Sure, we all stop and sort out the meaning of life before getting on the escalator.

4. My God. What is that unholy stench?

5. Why the fuck are we still sitting here? (At one time, I considered having t-shirts made)

6. Look, just punch the guy already.

7. Yeah, next train in two minutes my ass. Those signs lie you know.

8. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, this is ridiculous!

9. But I did get to listen to ALL of Mahler's 6th Symphony this morning.

10. Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to body check me as I am trying to get off the train. This will surely help YOU get on the train even faster.

11. I don't mind if you invade my personal space (ok, I do), but if you could possibly refrain from poking me in the ass with your umbrella, that would be greeeaaaaat.

In sum, MUNI, thank you for the ride that should only be 12 minutes, which usually takes 20, for which you should plan 30, and which took a whole hour (that was Mahler's 6th day) on Monday morning.