Thursday, December 28, 2006


Knitting has been accomplished in little bites - between cleaning, cooking, present-buying and the usual holiday stuff. I didn't knit any gifts this year, but I think I will for next year. Starting very, very early. Not January 1 early, but probably sometime in the first quarter of oh-seven.

Most of the progress has been made on the EPS sweater (body still chugging along, one sleeve nearly done, the second sleeve started) and the mock cable socks. People love to talk about how quickly they get through a pair of socks. Maybe I am a slow knitter, but they seem to take me a long time. I am creeping up on the toe of the first sock, and I have been at this for a while now. It is fine, though. I love socks, even if they take me longer than just about anything else.

I am in denial about the Noni bag. This one should have been superfast, but I can't knit at anything that uses multiple strands and big needles for very long. This is definitely one of those projects that is all about the finished product. Anyway, the denial is that I am nearly done with the body, but I am sure I will run out of yarn at some point soon - perhaps even before I start decreasing for the bottom. Apparently, the denial is some adaptive trait to keep me out of my LYS, which is silly. Just because I dropped $150 on Jade Sapphire Cashmere-Silk the last time I was there doesn't mean I should stay away does it? Everyone knows laceweight doesn't count as stash because it is so little.

I need to pick up the Floral Gathering Sac again - another one that is sort of about the finished product, although I am not hating intarsia... not my favorite thing because of the multiple pieces of yarn.... but not evil and horrid either. It needs to get done, though; I started it in August after all.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Les Grenouilles

Trans: the frogs.

We have frogs hopping about our place and justly, if reluctantly, undoing knitting. I frogged the Cherry Blossom Shawl. It needed to happen. I made a couple of little mistakes that probably wouldn't have been noticeable, and then a couple of biggies right in a row - not really fixable after you've done a few rounds in mohair, know what I'm sayin'?

I am going to give it another go in the same yarn - but after I have finished up a few other WIPs and I can really focus on it.

I am slowly working on the North Sea Shawl from the Folk Shawls book. Doing the ends in my Schaefer Andrea (Renata Tebaldi colorway) and the center panel in a coordinating shade of Artfibers' Tsuki. I think it is going to look great. Both yarns, the Schaefer especially, are a little spendy, so I am going to work it until I run out - make the most of them.

In a more fun and happy vein, I have had a lovely time putting together a gift for the exchange we're doing on the Knitter's Review forum. The items in my package have added up to a lovely theme that I think my giftee will like. Good times.

Signing off for now - I doubt much blogging will happen until after the first of the year.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mojito Night at Casa Dickinson

So much going on, none of it knitting-related or suitable for retelling on the blog. Suffice it to say that I made mojitos last night and we sacked out in front of the TV until bedtime.

I finally broke down and bought a swift. My previous ball-winding system involved just the winder, a chair, and lots of cursing. Substituting the swift for the chair reduced, but did not entirely eliminate, the cursing. So, even that yarn-related activity was a touch stressful, since I decided to wind every hank in my stash in one go. I didn't make it all the way through.

I am a touch knitted-out these days, but I am sure I will get back into the swing of things soon. We were house-bound last weekend, so much, much knitting was accomplished. It was probably time for a break, so I can continue my projects with renewed enthusiasm.