Friday, December 15, 2006

Les Grenouilles

Trans: the frogs.

We have frogs hopping about our place and justly, if reluctantly, undoing knitting. I frogged the Cherry Blossom Shawl. It needed to happen. I made a couple of little mistakes that probably wouldn't have been noticeable, and then a couple of biggies right in a row - not really fixable after you've done a few rounds in mohair, know what I'm sayin'?

I am going to give it another go in the same yarn - but after I have finished up a few other WIPs and I can really focus on it.

I am slowly working on the North Sea Shawl from the Folk Shawls book. Doing the ends in my Schaefer Andrea (Renata Tebaldi colorway) and the center panel in a coordinating shade of Artfibers' Tsuki. I think it is going to look great. Both yarns, the Schaefer especially, are a little spendy, so I am going to work it until I run out - make the most of them.

In a more fun and happy vein, I have had a lovely time putting together a gift for the exchange we're doing on the Knitter's Review forum. The items in my package have added up to a lovely theme that I think my giftee will like. Good times.

Signing off for now - I doubt much blogging will happen until after the first of the year.

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