Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Book to Hug

How I ever knitted without Elizabeth Zimmerman's wit and wisdom, I will never know. I started reading The Opinionated Knitter on the train home last night, and was so taken with it that I actually hugged the book. A proper hug, too, with a big squeeze and eyes shut tight. I wrinkled the cover, but that's okay. The thing is, her tone is so conversational, and she says things that make me exclaim, "ohmigawd, that is SOOOOOOOO true!!!!!" It's great. I love it.

I started Secret Baby Thing 1 the second I got home, practically. It is whizzing by, and I will probably finish it tonight. I am thrilled with it, and also knocked out by how tiny it is. The instant gratification of knitting small things with simple shapes is refreshing - especially with an endless shawl edging waiting in the wings. That's more of a weekend project anyway, right?

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