Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Saving Graces

There are two to this otherwise... uhm... less than stellar day.

1. The yarn I ordered for baby things for a Dear Dear Friend arrived today (decscriptions of said Things are a secret, to be revealed only upon completion of Things and delivery to DDF).

2. I scored the only copy they had at a book outlet of Knitting Without Tears. Only 10 bucks. It is the Crown Books outlet in Embarcadero Center no. 4. Most books only $5.00.

I am excited about the Things. This is my first baby-to-knit-for, and she is long awaited by her parents. It will be a wonderful experience, if you will forgive the vast and inadequate understatement.

And, obviously, the Knitting Without Tears was a startling gap in my knitting library. I am glad to have it, and to have gotten a good, unexpected deal.

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