Monday, October 09, 2006

Why, you're welcome!

From the "I Wish I Had a Camera Phone" files, I give you the following:

(Seriously, I don't have a camera phone - and never gave a damn until this happened.) On Saturday, DH and I took BART into San Francisco to have lunch at the Ferry Building, and then go to a tasting of 2005 Rieslings at Dee Vine Wines on Pier 19. I knitted both ways - the way back a little slower due to consumption of Rieslings, followed by glass of Champagne at the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant.

After searching, first, for a car which had functioning air-conditioning, and then for a seat on such a car, we ended up behind a crocheter. I, of course, whipped out my knitting (A Very Harlot Poncho, in Rowan Kid Classic) and got down to business.

Upon exiting the train at Millbrae, I noticed a sign above one of the seats - at first glance, it looked like one of the ordinary ads or BART promotional things. But this was extraordinary indeed. It THANKED Knitters, Crocheters and Needleworkers for riding BART. And it listed Knitters first. Wooo! I was so surprised and delighted that I stared at the sign for a good two seconds before DH had to remind me that we didn't want to go back to SF, but instead, to the grocery store and then home.

In other news,

1. The pashmina cobweb I ordered from kpixie was on my desk when I got in this morning. Somehow, the word "cobweb" failed to prepare me for just how tiny this yarn is. There are two hanks of it (totaling 2000 yards), and all cuddled up together in the tissue paper, they are no bigger than a hamster. Yup, two hanks = one hamster. Not sure what I will do with it yet. It needs to speak to me after I have some more lace under my belt.

2. I have a new FO - the flower pin from The Wool Peddler. With all the big stuff on the needles, I needed a little instant gratification. And it used up some remnants of Sanskrit (Artfibers' recycled silk) I had lying around. I finished one, and have enough to do one more. I am using a vintage glass button for the center of each flower. It took like an hour, which included watching bits of the Law & Order SVU marathon and sipping Charamba, a good and amazingly cheap red from Portugal. Will put pix in the gallery very soon.

3. I started Thackeray's Vanity Fair a while back, and just couldn't get into it. The story is fantastic, but I have issues with Thack's style - he does all of these little asides along the lines of "this being a novel, bla bla bla," and "I myself took this road and found it pleasant...." not actual quotes, but you get the idea. They irritated the daylights out of me.

There were bits in which the characters knitted, which I liked, and that gave me an idea. On Friday, I went to the bookstore and bought the three Maggie Sefton books they had - all mysteries, starring knitters as the armchair detectives. The first one ("Knit One, Kill Two") is pretty good. The writing isn't great, but the knitting is nice, and it is a perfect read for the commute, when I am not knitting.

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Kristi said...

That BART sign is awesome sounding! I keep trying to figure out a way I can take BART to work without wanting to go insane -- I commute from Palo Alto to Berkeley daily!