Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Injured List

I burned myself last night. Stupidly, which is the way I always burn myself. It's a pencil-eraser-sized wedge on my left thumb. Which I sortakinda use for knitting. I kvetched endlessly to DH about how I wouldn't get any knitting done, and then cast on a Koigu neck cozy (you can get the pattern free from Patternworks with any KPPM/KPM order) and worked 28 rows.

There was no way the thumb (which is better today) would have been able to take the now endless rows of the shawl, but I figured something little would be okay. And the cozy is a good commute project.

I massively overreacted to the burn, by the way. I often overreact to things, especially stupid things like using a potholder with a hole in, and consequently burning myself. But ever since we got back from Italy, it has been worse. Re-entry is difficult. Thank goodness for knitting therapy.

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