Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Getting 2007 Off to a Proper Start....

What did I do on New Year's Day? I knitted. I knitted like crazy. Like it was going out of style. Like my stash was on fire.

What did I work on? The Floral Gathering Sac, which is so close to being done, I can taste it!

How many more cliches am I going to use? None. Sorry about that.

When I picked up the FGS again, after much time had passed, I was maybe 1/3 the way up the body. I am now at the base of the strap. I should be able to finish it this weekend. Colorwork, even with the attendant juggling and fussing with yarn, seems to go by really fast.

I am delighted with the bag and cannot wait to use it. It is my style exactly, which is to say, boho fabulous. I am a touch worried that the fabric is uneven, but this should smooth out in the blocking. In an unprecedented step, I even washed my swatch to test for colorfastness. I wouldn't ordinarily do this, but hand-dyed yarn plus intarsia suggested a need for caution. The darker yarn bled the teensiest amount in mega-hot water, so the bag should be fine in cool water.

Being an erstwhile seamstress of considerable accomplishment, I am tempted to go all-out on the lining: interfacing, pockets, the whole shebang. I tend to bottle out on these sorts of big plans, but I think it would be very practical for a bag that is intended to carry a lot of stuff. We'll see.

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