Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bag Lady

The floral gathering sac was officially done as of last week. Seaming and weaving in the ends took the better part of two evenings (that danged intarsia!), and the lining took literally all of one day. I decided to go close to all-out on it. The only departure from the plan was to make the pockets simpler. I am happy with how it turned out. I'll try to get some diagrams and pix up, in case anyone out there could use them.

I will say that using interfacing for the bottom and strap really helped to stabilize the bag a bit, and I don't think it will stretch much, if at all.

Last weekend, I finished knitting the Noni Garden Party Bag. It was an easy and actually pretty fun knit. Because I had so many WIPs, it took a lot longer than it should have, but I did have a good time with it. I am a tad disappointed in the (mostly) finished product, though. Even though I knitted at gauge, I had the hardest time getting the thing to felt down to the finished measurements. I gave up at about an inch larger around, and an inch taller. The flowers didn't felt down to the tiny cuteness in the picture, either. Maybe I give up too easily but like I said. I am done.

My bag just isn't as cute as the pictured one. The colors (green bag with blue flowers) seem off, even though I used the yarn and shades recommended, and my mohair fuzzed, but doesn't have that lighter, kind of curly look that the model bag does.

I am going to do the assembly tonight, and then it is officially done: a little beadwork on the flowers, a simple lining (structure/stability not being much of an issue....) and the handle. I will probably like it more after all of that is done.

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A Certifiably Loopy Knitter said...

Would you consider selling your Fall 2001 Interweave KNITS? (Or just the Floral Gathering Sac pattern?)

I have been trying to find one for AGES ... and want for a very special friend who just found out she has the C word.