Friday, January 05, 2007


Dude. I got gauge on the first try last night. I feel like the Sir Isaac Newton of knitting. It is for the Ivy wrap sweater from Knitty. I am using the Karabella Breeze I bought from the Knitters Anonymous de-stash to benefit TSF.

I am sensing a sweater binge coming on. I have to finish the Floral Gathering Sac this weekend, and then my sweaterthon will continue in earnest. I have the EPS sweater chugging along, now Ivy cast-on, plus sweaterly plans on the to-do list for 2007, including: Enid and Arwen from the Winter 2006 IK, Central Park Hoodie from KnitScene (in Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed, also from the KA de-stash), the hoodie from White Lies Designs, and I might toy with doing something out of the Winter VK after I have had a closer look at the issue. I like the white turtleneck from the Northern Lights section. It is pretty, and unique but still wear-able.

In other knitterly plans, I want to make bears for the Mother Bear Project this year. The bears are just adorable, and the pictures of the kids who got the bears (in the Winter IK) totally sold me on the idea. The kid holding his bear and giving a thumbs-up is a boy after my own heart.

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