Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Weirdest thing

Last night's commute, I didn't get mad, even though MUNI was having problems. And it wasn't because I was happily knitting away. It was because I was listening to the freshly downloaded greatest hits of Journey.

I blame it on VH-1. On Sunday, we were flipping through the channels and landed on VH-1 during a countdown of the "40 most Softsational Soft Rock Songs," or something like that. Naturally, Journey was on the list (with Open Arms) and DH and I started naming Journey songs -- DH even sang a couple. I made myself a mental list of songs to download at the next available opportunity.

So, on Monday evening, I listened happily. Though I tried my best to be visibly frustrated and annoyed at the transpo delays, I JUST COULDN'T DO IT. Every time I tried to make a scowl and roll my eyes, I smiled instead. It was the weirdest thing.

The other weird thing that happened was a massive cleaning binge last night. Not only did I dust furniture, I dusted the objects that sit on said furniture. *boggle*

But tonight, tonight my friends, will be all about knitting. Jessi and I are going to knit Cookie A's German Stocking together (both in Champagne , which we chose completely independent of one another), so I want to wind those skeins tonight and swatch. I am also hoping to successfully swatch (again) and cast on my Dale of Norway, since I finally tracked down some 000 circs. That's how loose a knitter I am, people. A sweater on 000s.

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