Wednesday, August 02, 2006

All the News That's Fit to Knit

Let’s start with the most recent. I believe I can say that I successfully overcame the second sock syndrome, as my second sock is nearly done! I am very much looking forward to starting the socks for my husband after these are finished. His are ribbed, black cotton, with an XOXO cable going down the front, until the toe shaping. They are gonna be fab. They are more or less Cat Bordhi’s “Simple Sock in Three Sizes,” but I am doing the cable in place of the ribbing for just that bit in the front.

Although this project is mostly for the long honeymoon flights and layovers, I did at least want to get a good start on Pam Allen’s Floral Gathering Sac before we left. I had started it, frogged it, and restarted, and now I think we’re in good shape. I did the first row of the color pattern last night and felt like a champion. Picture it: our couch, husband watching the A's game, and me: knitting in my lap, arms thrust in the air, hands splayed out, eyes squeezed shut, and the decisive utterance: "I rock!"

I am sure I will work a few more before the trip, but the main thing is, we’re working the sides back and forth (the bottom is done in the round), the pattern is established, and the bobbins are all set up. Believe it or not, this is my first intarsia project. Probably a little ambitious, but I have wanted to make this bag for so long, and I couldn’t really get behind any entry-level type intarsia projects I found. I think there’s value in cutting my teeth on something I truly love, and will use forever.

My first Snuggle is at about the halfway point. It is a little boring, but should go quickly when I am in the mood for something easy. I also have a few other things happening – a raglan sweater that I work a few rows at a time. I am (gasp) actually thinking of frogging in favor of doing something else with the yarn, even though I do like the style. I might not be much of a sweater person. We’ll see.

And now we come to the problem of the mohair. I adore mohair. Especially this particular Colinette Mohair in Mushroom. It is a random ball I acquired somehow, and never used. I really don’t know what to do with it at this point. I keep starting various scarves with it and frogging, tinking, frogging, tinking. This isn’t going to work much longer, either for my sanity, or for this lovely yarn. My latest plan is to use it with some leftover cashmere (oohhhhh, yuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmm) and Sanskrit in a sideways scarf. I will probably give that a whirl tonight, with fingers metaphorically crossed.

Last but not least, I am beginning to understand how unflattering are public displays of impatience (hereinafter "PDI"). Sadly, I often find myself rushing to the train, or waiting, eyes fully a-roll, for MUNI. Sighing, tapping my feet, even pacing, while some unimaginable force delays my return to the place I long for above all others: home. In the future, I might try to restrain myself from PDI. Why, you ask, when I look so cynically cute tapping my feet and rolling my eyes? Because I have seen others of late engaging in PDI, and it was not pretty. In a flash, it was as if I was looking in a mirror, and saying to myself, "gawd, what is her problem?" I'll set a realistic goal, with a caveat (law school had to be good for something): no more PDI during the commute unless it is something so clearly reeking of incompetence on the part of public transportation authorities that everyone is engaging in PDI.

I will apprise on further developments.

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