Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Boat I Missed

Dude, I could have knit myself a wedding dress, assuming I’d started it before I even met my husband. Okay, maybe it wouldn’t have taken that long. But it would have taken a seriously long, long time. It sure is pretty, though. And I suppose if I start now, it would be ready in time for a renewal of vows ceremony.

A couple of boats I am planning to catch:

1. A wedding shawl for a dear friend. Maybe Eunny’s Print O’ the Wave?

2. Baby things for another friend, to be started the moment she announces those three blessed words (“we’re having a baby,” for anyone going “huh?” right now).

Some more lacy, gorgeous things on the horizon:

1. KnitPicks’ Adamas Shawl in Shadow (color is Vineyard).

2. Knitty’s Branching Out Scarf in Artfibers’ Tsuki (in a gorgeous, deep, mossy green).

In other news:

The sideways scarf is looking good, although I probably won’t use all of that mohair. I am not sure what else I might do with it. Maybe a headband, kinda like The Dream Swatch Headwrap.

I learned a very valuable lesson this morning. Knitting while half-asleep is a bad idea. I stayed up later than usual last night, was too lazy to make coffee this morning, and thus headed off to the city totally uncaffeinated. I don’t like sleeping on the train, so I pulled out my sock. It was easily the slowest knitting I have ever done, and I dropped a stitch, which usually only happens when I am sleepy. Note to self: if you want to knit in the mornings, set up your coffee the night before.

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