Thursday, July 06, 2006


“Me mum’s a witch; me dad’s a muggle. Bit of a shock for him when he found out.”
-Seamus Finnegan, Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone

I sometimes wonder whether my husband was a bit taken aback by the whole knitting thing. Of all the habits, hobbies and idiosyncrasies that people can be equipped with, knitting certainly isn’t the oddest. It usually doesn’t interfere with other things we might do for fun together, and it hasn’t made me any less attentive to housework, my job, and other necessities of life. I wasn’t ever a particularly good housekeeper anyway!

At the time we met, I had been in a hiatus of probably 2 years, and didn’t pick up knitting again until after we were engaged, and I decided to knit a shawl for myself for our wedding. Even then, my knitting wasn’t out in the open simply because we weren’t living together yet. He had never seen the large and terrifying stash of yarn that even I knew I would never knit, because it was tucked in large plastic crates and hidden in the depths of The Closet.

(The Closet had been the location of the Murphy bed in my circa 1916 apartment; when the Murphy beds were removed for the building’s more recent inhabitants, giant closets with two doors were the result. Mine was stuffed with junk, which went to charity before my husband and I moved in. Much of the stash included).

But I digress. The period between moving in and the wedding was relatively calm on the knitting front. Just the shawl here and there, and then more frequently as the big day seemed ever closer. And then things changed.

As the shawl neared completion, I began scouting for other projects, thinking that once the wedding was over, I would want to keep busy. Naturally, I started some of these before the shawl was done (just to take the edge off, you understand); and these are among my FOs listed in my intro.

Shelving my knitting books and organizing my patterns brought inspiration. Surfing the web clued me in to a world of knitters and resources that was only beginning to form when I started knitting several years ago. It had all blossomed during my hiatus. I came back into the fold enthusiastically. I knit every day, even if it is just a couple of rows. I am constantly on the lookout for patterns and ideas. I talk about knitting more than I ever talked about the wedding. My modest stash sits proudly and neatly in a basket in the living room, waiting to be knitted. My life feels quite complete.

Sure, there are some guidelines, as there ought to be when you’re sharing a dwelling with a non-knitter. Stash containment/management is a priority. Yarn purchases are carefully considered. But I think all of this is making me a better, choosier knitter. I am investing more thought and more of myself into each project. As Stephanie Pearl-McPhee describes it in her book, Yarn Harlot: the Secret Life of a Knitter, I think that I am moving from being a knitter to a Knitter.

Wait until he finds out I am going to learn to spin!

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