Wednesday, November 26, 2008

FO: Sweet Pea Coat

Pattern: Sweet Pea Coat by Kate Gilbert
Yarn: Cascade Lana Grande, 9 balls and change from Creative Hands in Belmont, CA
Buttons: Vintage glass from General Bead in San Francisco, CA
Blocking: Wet block with spray bottle

This project has several "firsts" for me: moss stitch, pockets and collar. All went well and I had a great time. The moss stitch was fun; I love the texture it created in this yarn.

This is definitely my best finishing effort to date. I took a class with Nancie Wiseman last year at the Knit & Crochet Show, which helped a great deal when it came to completing this sweater. Her book is an excellent resource, too. I did everything right this time: checked gauge and didn't fake it, joined new yarn at the selvages instead of in the middle, took my time seaming, ripped out mistakes, followed the pattern to the letter, and actually measured and checked the schematic when I blocked. I definitely feel that all of the effort paid off in this knit.


Traci said...

Now that is the cutest knitted garment I've seen on anyones blog ever! T

knitlisted said...

That is sooo pretty.

zippiknits said...

That is very beautiful as well as cute, Jennifer. I love the color! You know me! Ocean colors rule!