Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Burning Question

(I was tempted to say The Purling Question. Is that too much? Too stupid? Too "huh?"?)

So. Did you get any knitting in?

I am happy to report that I did. In Praiano, I swatched the wool I got at Beatrice Galli. We were in our room, waiting for dinnertime, or, more precisely, aperitif time - when we could head down to the cafe with enough time to have a glass of wine, but not so much time that we were tempted to have two. Or three (restaurants in Italy open for dinner at 7:00 if you're lucky). DH was watching Polish TV, so it seemed like an opportune time for knitting. I'd had the foresight to pack my Denise kit, which, by the way, I adore. We're making a totally adorable hat with the wool. It's variegated pinks and grays, and knitted up it looks almost like girly camouflage.

I suppose the Polish TV requires some further detail. DH isn't Polish, and does not speak Polish, but happily, Polish TV speaks English. They had on some hilariously bad American cop show (which I don't recall ever seeing aired here), and left all the English voices in. A Polish guy talks over them, but you can still hear the English. It's the same guy for all of the dialogue, which I would think would be confusing, but maybe not.

We flew home from Naples, the nearest airport to Praiano. To get there, we'd taken a ferry from Positano - opting for a too early one because it was direct, rather than a later one that made lots of stops. This added up to a good few hours of knitting time in the airport, which I devoted to my garter lace shawl. I couldn't find my toolkit, but I knitted anyway and mercifully didn't drop a stitch (which would have required the crochet hook in the toolkit). After I'd put the knitting away for the duration, I went rummaging for my lip balm, and then found the tool kit.

I was, by the way, required to pack all of my knitting things in the checked baggage, so my 20+ hours in the air was spent reading, apart from a short nap on the flight out from SFO. Read some good books, though. I finished a Steven Saylor mystery I had been reading before we left, read all of The Devil Wears Prada (LOVED it), and bought a third book in London (Left Bank, by Kate Muir, which was brilliant) for the flight home.

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