Monday, November 08, 2010

FO: Artfibers Lengthwise Scarf

Kit from Artfibers includes a sampling of several yarns and instructions for knit or crochet versions of the scarf. It was a great buy at $25 and I was able to revisit favorite yarns and try ones that were new to me.

I ordinarily go for pinks and purples, for which there were several kits available. For some reason, the way these yarns sat next to each other in their little bag really appealed to me, so I ended up with some non-me colors, and I love the result. It is good to knit outside the box sometimes.

This was a fun and very fast knit. I got'er done in two days. If you still have a gift to do for the holidays....

Modifications: I used a long-tail cast-on with two of the yarns provided (as in Cheryl Oberle's Knitted Ruana, if you happen to have a copy of Folk Shawls). If you tend to bind off tightly, I would use a much stretchier bind-off. Even using much larger needles, my bind off was too tight. But as I loathe unpicking bind-offs, I have decided that the swirly effect is very arty.

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