Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Knitting in the Rainforest

We are back from Costa Rica! We had a great time, and yes, I did knit. I had sorta hoped for an action shot of one of our cute resident lizards hopping over my scarf-in-progress, but it was not to be.

Knitting was, understandably, reserved for airport-sitting, boat-awaiting, airplane riding (except for the little planes -- not enough room, and too nervous!).

And knitting does not mix well with hiking:

Or boat rides through mangrove swamps:

Or monkeys. Definitely not monkeys:

Probably not sloths:

And certainly not waterfalls:

But it appears to work well with plants:

And it is, of course, perfect for coming home.


Christy B. said...

Oh, I'm jealous. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for posting a link to my contest and entering!

zippiknits said...

Thank you for the lovely tour of Costa Rica. You got to hold a sloth! I'm very impressed. The knitting is lacy and lovely. But you got to hold a sloth! Wow!

E! said...

Wow! great photos :) I love the lizard :)