Monday, May 07, 2007

Atkins for knitters. P.S. It doesn't work.

Perhaps inspired by the hyper-specific fad diets we're seeing these days, in which one obsessively (and, dare I say it, irrationally in some instances) denies oneself one category of food, I considered going on a sock yarn diet. Socks seem to take a me a long time, and I have quite a few lovelies stockpiled already. So, it seemed logical that I might reduce my purchasing of just sock yarns and see how that worked. Unlike dieting with food, for me, a holistic approach to yarn dieting would be doomed to a spectacular and public failure.

It has probably already occured to you, dear readers, that I've got this bass-ackwards. Most people don't even consider sock yarn stash, so why on earth would I attempt a sock-specific yarn diet?

The Universe is wondering the same thing. She proved either your point or mine, when she waved this under my nose and made me buy the last skein of the Bordeaux colorway. I nobly resisted for approximately three seconds before cavalierly dropping the skein in my cart. The thing that's bugging me is not that I bought yarn when I wasn't supposed to but rather, does it mean that:

1. Sock yarn doesn't count as stash, so what on earth was I doing trying such a specific diet (which, by the way, only lasted the four hour span between getting up this morning and happening upon the yarn)?


2. This kind of thing is exactly why I shouldn't be buying any more sock yarn for awhile.

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Sarah said...

Sock yarn doesn't count, and that goes double for sock yarns purchased from Etsy shops or other very small-production yarnmakers!

Roxanne said...

Hee vote is forget the yarn diets...LOL! Thank you for buying that one...I *almost* took it off the shelf for me, me, me! I'm glad it'll go to a happy home! :)