Thursday, February 08, 2007


I counted up all of my UFOs and determined that my WIP list in the sidebar is a wee bit inaccurate. I cheated and only included what I conveniently consider the "active" projects, and the smaller ones that I start and finish pretty quickly, like the gifty scarf, and anything that sounds really impressive, like Fir Cone. This is the complete, annotated list, as of today:

1. EPS Sweater (nearly done)*

2. Mock Cable Socks (nearly done)*

3. Cascade Fixation socks (not a whole lot of progress, but for DH and definitely a keeper)

4. Ivy sweater from Knitty (just cast on - but definitely a keeper)

5. Reversible Cable Shawl (might be frogged - think yarn would be better in another, albeit unspecified, project)

6. Children of Lir Stole (loving it, good progress)*

7. Fir Cone Shawl from Folk Shawls (cast on only; might be frogged; think would be better in slightly heavier yarn -- this is a true laceweight)

8. Fair Isle golf club covers (1 nearly done; planning set of 3).

(*) denotes "active" projects.

I think that is everything. I hope so, as I clearly already have a problem. I used to keep it strictly to three, but I have gone a little crazy over the last few months.

Here is the plan:

A. Finish UFOs 1, 2 and 6.

B. Do not cast on anything new, including socks. No matter how strongly I might feel to the contrary, the Sophie's Toes (June Wedding colorway) and Lisa Souza Sock! (Jonquil colorway) are included in the moratorium.

C. Frog 5 and 7. It sucks, but it is time to face reality. The Anny Blatt fine kid could be a gorgeous twinset, and I really should have a slightly heavier yarn for the Fir Cone. The Lisa Souza laceweight will be better served in a different project, or even a couple of projects. Maybe matching triangular shawls for me & my mom.

D. Keep 3, 4 and 8, bumping them up in the queue as 1, 2 and 6 are finished.

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